We Get It

We are aware of just how much you have on your minds these days and ordering contacts is something you may not even have on your To-Do list.  Unfortunately, when you rip, loose or have worn your contacts past there time, that is the time you remember you need to get some more contacts. We also know that calling us (your doctor’s office), leaving a message that you want to order contacts and then waiting for a call back, can seem a long time AND you need your contacts NOW!!  What is a patient to do?

How To Order

Grab your box of contacts or your contact lens prescription and your computer and let’s get started!  Your prescription details can be found on the side or end of your current contact lens box, remember the brand of contacts you are wearing is part of the prescription as well.

Follow These Steps

  1.  Go to Henry Eye Clinic’s web page at:  http://www.henryeyeclinc.com
  2.  Click on “Order Contacts” located at the top right-hand corner of the web page
  3.  Select “Find Your Contacts
  4.  Here’s where you will need to look at your current contact lens box or your prescription.  Select your brand from the left-hand column or search the brand name in the search bar at the top
  5.  Select the product you need and fill out all required information.  Looking to make sure that your prescription, base curve and diameter match what is on your box or on your prescription
  6.  You may also select “Eyesubscribe” of desired on this page *
  7.  Select “Add to Cart
  8.  Fill out your shipping information (you can have them shipped directly to you or even your place of employment)
  9.  Enter your credit or debit card information and complete your order

Last But Not Least

An account will be created for you, your credit card number and order history will be stored for you, so future orders will much easier.  There you have it!  Your contacts have been ordered.  An email will be sent to us, allowing our staff to make sure the information is correct.  Now, sit back and relax, your contacts will be shipped directly to you.  Oh, by the way, remember to mark “order contacts” off your to-do list!  

*Eyesubcribe – is a completely free service that will auto ship your contacts and auto draft your payments.  You will receive the shipments monthly or quarterly depending on your prescribed lens.  You may cancel at any time.