Comprehensive Eye Care

The Importance Of Complete Eye Exams

Henry Eye clinic in Northwest Arkansas

Comprehensive Eye Care

Henry Eye Clinic offers all of the primary eye care services your family needs from routine examinations to picking the right treatment or procedure for you. Our staff of eye specialists is knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing and treating common and uncommon eye conditions, including: cataractscataract surgery, allergies, amblyopia or lazy eye, retinal disorders, corneal ulcers, pterygium, dry eyes, macular degenerationglaucoma testingdiabetic eye care, detached retinas, photophobia, and red eye.


As of January 1, 2022, we have closed our optical shop at Henry Eye Clinic.  We will still be performing refractions (measuring for glasses) for our patients and will be happy to help guide our patients to a convenient optical shop for you to have glasses made.  We have worked with many of the regional optometrists over the years and have full confidence in their optical dispensing.  As for our contact lens patients, Dr. Stafford and Dr. Spikes will still be performing fittings and yearly exams, and patients will still be able to order their contact lenses through Henry Eye Clinic.

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