Contact Lenses – Are some of your behaviors putting you at risk?

The use of contact lenses can provide great vision and freedom from glasses.  Remember, contact lenses are FDA- approved medical devices that should be fit to your eye by your eye doctor.  So what happens when lenses aren’t worn appropriately?  Improper wear can lead to scratched corneas, ulcers or sores, infections, or even vision loss.

Risky behavior that increases your risk of injury or infection:

  • Not keeping hands clean when handling lenses.  Wash and dry hands fully before touching your contact lenses or your eyes.
  • Not disposing of contact lens case regularly.  You should change out your contact lens case every three months.
  • Sleeping in your contacts.  This can minimize the amount of oxygen your eyes receives.  Taking your contact lens out gives your eyes a much needed rest too.
  • Wearing lenses longer than their approved modality (daily, biweekly, monthly).  Follow your eye doctors recommendation for wear times.
  • Wearing lenses while swimming.  Water is filled with microbes that can infect the eye.
  • Ordering colored or costume contact lenses from outside suppliers.  See your eye doctor for recommendations,so your specialty contacts can be safely fit and are FDA approved.

Signs of trouble:

  • Eye pain, itching, burning, foreign body sensation
  • Redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Report immediately to your eye clinic with any of these symptoms and be sure to see your eye doctor yearly to keep your eyes healthy!

Find out more by visiting the America Optometric Association web page or by clicking on the link below: