Cataracts Overview

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The natural “lens” in the eye focuses the light on objects so that we can see clearly. Like the lens in a camera, it brings our world into focus at different distances. As we age, the natural lens becomes cloudy, discolored, and stiffer, which is then called a” cataract.” This is also part of the reason why most people need reading glasses after forty years of age, called “presbyopia.”


• Haziness
• Rings or halos around lights
• Poor night vision
• Sensitivity to light or glare
• Dinmess of vision that can no longer be improved sufficiently with glasses or contacts


There are several methods to detect cataracts, and your Henry Eye Clinic eye specialist may perform one or more to see if you have cataracts. These include a visual acuity test, a dilated eye exam, and a slit-lamp examination. Treatments for cataracts range from prescription glasses to surgery. Click to learn more about Advanced Cataract Surgery.

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